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Trouble trying to pull dynamic content


Hi, I need some help with the CMS
I have created a collection that has a text field and when I try to link the placeholder text with relevant content in the dynamic collection the field is not represented in the drop down list as an option. I tried it again by creating another collection and doing the same thing with the same result. I was able to pull the bg image and the title but not the copy for the paragraph.

Is it a bug?

many thanks,

Have included screen shot to one of the page's where I am having the issue. In the Inner text settings panel, in the drop down list under 'get text from' there is no option for a text field that I have created.

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Hey @johnminshall

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Well, I can see that Announcement text field is a Rich Text while you are attempting to bind it to a Paragraph component.

You can only bind Rich Text fields to Rich Text components. That's why the option isn't available.

So, you either need to change the field to a text field with multiple lines, or add a Rich Text component in your pages instead of the paragraph component.

​Hope this is helpful.

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Anna K


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