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Trouble with CMS collection item limit


Can anyone explain what this means ?? how should i fix it ! it's urgent please


Hi Wadih_Hajj,

I think the only way to fix this is buy upgrading your plan. What Webflow plan are you currently on?

Here is a list of all the limitations of Webflow:


I'm on the professional plan ! and i bought the standard CMS ! I reached the 500 Number of items in a collection !!


Sorry i didn't even exceed all the numbers mentioned !! it's a bug i think PLEASE HELP WEBFLOW !! URGENT


If you reached the max number of items per collection (500). Please email: to request the cap to be lifted.

Hope you get this resolved quickly :smiley:


Nope i thought i did , i checked and im only at 300 :confused:


Are you sure that you didn't hit any of the limitations that are listed in the topic i sent?
If so, i suggest that you send an email to They will most definitely be able to help you.





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