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Trouble with custom code causes dynamic page to load 404



I have been having an issue with the Dynamic Template Pages. Any link referencing them aren't working. It just directs to a 404 page with the same link.

This happened before I connected a domain by the way.

Here is a screenshot:


Hi @Cameron_Johnson, thanks a lot for getting in touch! I am sorry to hear about the trouble with the site url leading to the 404 page.

Could you help to share the read-only link to the site, and the url that is not working?

Thanks in advance!


Yup! Here it is!


Hi @Cameron_Johnson,

Well the first thing to check, is that the cname record on the domain is not yet set to

See the public DNS records:

I would change the existing record to, then go to the site, and set one of the domains to be the default:

After doing steps above, republish the site. After republish, let me know and I am happy to check further.

Thanks in advance!


Ok will do!

THis was happening before I connected a domain, so it probably wont be just that.


Hi @Cameron_Johnson, thanks, if you could update the cname, then let me know, I will then go take a look, to make sure everything is up. Thanks!


Ok taken care of. Still getting the 404 Page. This is urgent asit needs to be done tomorrow!
Thankyou again!


Hi @Cameron_Johnson, thanks could you please help to share the url on the published site, that is not working? I could not see that from the screenshot. Or a screenshot of the link you are using, when getting that 404?

It looks like DNS propagation is in progress, but maybe not fully completed:


Hi @Cameron_Johnson, I took a peek at the site further, and there is some custom html being used in the Header of the site, which needs to be updated:

Those <!DOCTYPE html>, <html>, <head>, </head>, <body> tags, should be removed.

Instead, use:

.te-t {
    font-size: 130%;
    font-family: Arial,sans-serif;
    font-weight: bold;
    white-space: nowrap;
    line-height: 1.2;

Save changes and republish the site. I hope this helps! Let me know, I am here to help.


Yes fixed it! You are the man! Thanks so much for your help.


That was really fast support, if I can give you a 5 star rating or something I'd be happy to!