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Trouble with display inline block, float off and whitespace


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If you check out the Designer in Tablet mode you will see the Index/home as this:

But if you check out the same page on a mobile or shrink the browser to mobile size, you will see this.

Any idea why the buttons "ring oss, epost and finn oss" is adding padding?

Additional information:

The I can't seem to get flexbox to work at all on that page.


Hi @krubens, thanks for the report. I am guessing this might be happening on an exported site, is that correct? I took a quick peek, and it looks like the link blocks are using Display Inline block with a float off. On exported sites, which are not minifying the html, this combination of styling can cause whitespace.

See more here:

My first suggestion, would be to set the link block class to float left, then republish/export and check the results.

See a screenshot:

Let me know if that helps.


That worked fine :slight_smile:
Follow up question that is not that important, but a bit strange.
Do you know why I can't get flexbox to work on that div to rearrange the buttons?


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