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Trouble with hover state not deactivated on Iphone and Ipad (double tap unwanted)


Hello everyone,

I'm in trouble with some links and buttons in the website I build in Webflow.

My problem concerns the tap interaction with these buttons using an iOS device (I only tested it with an Iphone 6) with Safari browser.
I want these links to be activated in only one tap, however it needs 2 taps to access the link.
This issue appears only on iOS devices, not with Android.
I noticed that some buttons with or without states (hover and pressed) are working fine, but some aren't working.

On the home page (link below), I noticed the issue on buttons and links named "WATCH VIDEO", "LEARN MORE", "STORIES SAVED WITH KUMBU" and "Join Kumbu". Each one of these links/buttons has an active hover state.

Thanks for helping me.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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