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Trouble with mobile menu navigation nested three levels deep


At this site: (live at: the navigation has 3 levels (VERBAND > KOMMISSIONEN > ...). On my iPhone I can not click the displayed links at the 3rd level... the are displayed correctly (e.g. KANTONALVORSTAND), but when I click them, a link from the 2nd level opens. Trying that on the mobile preview in webflow, everything works normal and as expected... :-?



Hi @Nine it looks like your links are working when I tested on iPhone 7+ in Safari without any issues. The dropdown elements close when you click a link which is causing that collapse as you click. Maybe make your links within your dropdown lists taller so that they are easy to click on when on a mobile device?


On my iPhone 7 the links on the 3rd level only works with a "force touch"... increasing space between the links does not help... there must be a problem elsewhere...


I removed the 3rd level because I found no way to make it work :disappointed_relieved:
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