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Trouble with third party Forms, help please!


Hi! I’m new on Webflow, and I actually loved this tool.
But since the native forms will no longer work, I need to know how to do this myself.
The thing is… I don’t… (sorry)
I tried to use the JotForm form, but I failed to make it work.

Is there any trick that you guys can teach me?

Here’s my project:

Thanks guys!


Will you be exporting this site and hosting elsewhere? If so, you don’t need a third-party form tool. You can use the Webflow forms.


Hi! Thanks for the answer, but I didn’t quite understood…
Yes, I’ll host this site in another hosting service.
I asked this question because everytime I log into Webflow I see this message saying that forms will no longer work in exported sites.
Am I wrong about it? I’m totally lost here, hahahaha


Hi there! I don’t know where to post this but I found a third-party form tool that seems to work -I’m saying these because I just implemented it and didn’t have any problem yet-. It is very helpful now that webflow won’t be supporting this service on exported sites.

Hope it’s helful :blush:


@mauribazan The only thing I can’t seem to get over is that not every client of mine will like the process of submitting a form with formspree. Once you click submit, they ask you to confirm your email to get it “set up.” Why can’t there be something that just handles the forms normal without asking for confirmation and etc.


I know it’s one more step but it doesn’t even ask you to signin or anything so I think it’s worth it. Like I said, I’m also trying it now so I let you know if I have any trouble later.