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Trying to create a "Sticky Element"


Hey @mikeyevin the design isn’t mine, I’m just developing it from an existing prototype the designer has built.
Yes the image is within a div, but I’ve set the height of the div to the height of the div to be the max height of the image, so whenever there is an element or text below that isn’t directly behind the sticky logo, it can be copied. A little workaround I guess ~


@Micheal_Beaulieu - I whipped up a working version of something that may work out a bit better for you in terms of usability. This solution just requires you to set the image position to fixed & “Full” (the solid square icon) and then you control the vertical positioning with the top setting:


You’ll notice I didn’t set it to 50% to account for the height of the image, but feel free to use whatever value here that works best for the design. If you’d like, you can see the read-only link here.

Hopefully that helps!


Thank you Mikeyevin, I’ve managed to get this working loosely around your suggestion. I have this published to while I’m finishing it up. Thank you ~