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Trying to edit dropdown menu within nav menu opens nav instead of dropdown?


Hey, this is strange behavior ... I'm not able to edit my dropdown menu item because every time I try to open it, it instead switches over to tablet view and opens up the main menu instead of the dropdown. Here's a screencast:

EDIT: I just found a workaround where it would allow me to open the dropdown from within the mobile view and that seems to have worked so far, but the strange behavior I caught on tape above persists ...

And here's my share link:


I've had similar issues, but never bothered to report it.


Sorry guys, but you're clicking on the wrong settings..

Cut straight from your video :slight_smile:


OK, makes sense. Easily overlooked by the fast worker!


To every one of us at one point I think


lol, thanks! :wink: (Now where's the "doh didn't actually pay much attention" emoticon?) :stuck_out_tongue:


No idea tbh.. :neutral_face:
We're here to help each other and not to criticise :smiley:

Unless you posted a website and want feedback.. then we can :sunglasses:


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