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Trying to publish website without the www



I have added the custom domain on the hosting. I have set the default to be but the website throws an error.

Have added all the DNS settings according to webflow’s SSL settings.


Hello @makdicowz

The majority of the issues can be resolved with this trouble shooting guide:

Let me know if this helps.


I’ve done everything that is required.

Somehow when i set the default to it seems to be working. changing the default to throws me an error.


The most common reason for this is that maybe your provider doesn’t support CNAME flattening.

Please take a look at this article:


I’m using godaddy as the service provider. Contacted them and they told me that Webflow has a SSL template which they can’t edit. so I’m back here trying to look for answers.


I would suggest then routing all your traffic to the www subdomain then.


Godaddy does not support cname flattening. If you must use the root domain, you will need to use a DNS provider which supports cname flattening. (For example: Cloudflare, dnsimple, dns made easy).