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TUTORIAL: Custom Google Maps Marker/Location Pin 🤓


Hey Webflow Community,

A commonly asked question which remains unanswered:
How to add a custom map marker to Google Maps?

This is particularly nice to add your own logo or branding to the Google Map plugin.

This is what you will need:

  • A small PNG logo (20px x 20px) or similar, uploaded into your asset manager in Webflow.
  • A Google Maps API Key
  • JS Fiddle open (so you can edit the code (It’s NOT scary I promise)
  • 10 mins or so to watch my video
  • & a caffeine based drink and some patience :smiley:

We’re going to follow this Google documentation.

So enjoy!!

Huge shout out to @bart #javascriptninja who helped me… no, showed me how to do this :smiley:

Published Link:

Custom Map Marker