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[TUTORIAL] Dynamic Table of Contents on Webflow CMS (no plugins, automatic)

Looking for an easy way to automatically generate Table of Contents for your blog posts or other CMS items?

I recently built a system that dynamically generates ToCs based on the headings (H2, H3, etc.) of any Rich Text field. Super easy to set up, less than 10 lines of code, and no plugins.

Find the full blog post with images, gifs, and code snippets here :point_right:


@aaro This is so cool!

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Super cool, thanks a ton for this!

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it’s great work. Small question – does it have active state?

Thanks! What do you mean exactly?

something like this –

Hi Aaro,

did you have a chance to look at my question?

Yes! I made that work with an additional code snippet. I’ve included the instructions in the blog post – hope it helps!


it’s incredible. You are wonderful. thanks a lot :pray::pray::pray:

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