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[TUTORIAL] Full Multi Language Site - Easy to set-up and to use!

Hey guys, really weird. It was working last week and now it doesnt work at all. Does anyone know why? The first time it worked, I entered the code in the “PAGES” setting, not the “Projects” setting. But now that doesnt work either.

Its just really expensive

This code is suddenly not working. I put in the translation with the format [[es]] etc, but the site would not translate anymore. when i load the domain , the default language is EN, but , when i try to change the language using ?=es , the site does not translate


Quick question, after weglot subscription ends, does the translation remain?


Hey Lucian,

All the translated pages of your website are served via the Weglot reverse-proxy server & Translation API. This is why it’s so simple to install and use. If you end your subscription, the translated pages will simply stop being displayed.

This won’t break your website at all. And all your translations are yours so you can export them from your Weglot dashboard and use them as you want :slight_smile:

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Hey , if i am translating the website to arabic, how do i distribute the arabic words from right to left and keep the same distribution for my english and latin words/

Did you figure out how to make it work for spans?

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It would be great if you can setup a demo when you have time. Thanks.

@anthonychan2509 Sorry but I will not have time to setup a demo especially for this subject as we are not using Webflow anymore for our projects (and switched to Craft CMS which is much more advanced).
But you have clearly all the details and procedure inside my post.
Hope this will help you.

Thank you very much for the codes @brunicolas and it works.

I just successfully set up an example with the codes:

But when using it with the seamless pagination, it does not work when clicking “Next”. And then I try using your another code to fix it, but it does not work. I think I missed something. Would you take a look?


Hey , My site is native English, but i want to translate it to arabic, but arabic translates from right to left . how can i go about this ? Do you know?

Hi all,

I hope somebody can help me with this. I’m a Webflow beginner and would just love to get to know this better. I live in Belgium and to make things easy we have three national languages (FR, NL, DE) for the small country that we are. I’ve tried setting up the translation as in this post (e.g. I have a navbar where I wanted to translate fine arts to FR and NL so what I did was write the following: [[en]]fine arts[[fr]]art[[nl]]kunst and copy/pasted the code into my header (because I want to use a dropdown list for changing languages) and the rest of the code in the “before /body” part. I’m using the Webflow navbar.

However, this does not work for me and I get the text as “[[en]]fine arts[[fr]]art[[nl]]kunst” on the web page. I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Copy the scripts directly out of the read-only example site rather than the tutorial and paste them exactly as in the example site. If that doesn’t solve it, you might want to paste a read-only link to your site here so other people can take a crack at it.

Same question here I’m using a single word span inside of a text to “highlight” just one word.
for example!
Colored Span|690x294

In the picture you’ll see a green highlighted span “Empathie”. When I try it like that it comes out like that. It stops at the colored span and doesnt even show anything after.

Same problem with linebreaks, when I skip a line it wont show the second line till the next [[lang]] tag .Break Text
Comes out like
Outcome_on Publish Break

Would appreciate an answer or some helpfull comments.


I have to sign up to like this man, the code is shorten and better.
You can also give to the div,text,… as a subsclass after create the original one as a main div class and everythings still work perfect

Does anyone have a live example of what this solution looks like? It would be so helpful to get a look at this in action.

Hi @Rodolfo_Sarno do you have a preview link for the site you did this on? Would be super helpful to see this in action before I implement it.

Hey @gkj I absolutely appreciate these lines of code. A couple of questions for you.

  1. How can I add multiple languages? (I submitted a form on your website with code that I tried but failed)
  2. How does this work in CMS collections?

Take a look at my read-only link

Hi Noah

I have a live site here. I also use it for some CMS on the “Event” Site on the Projects:

Webflow Preview:

I didn’t have any problem so far. Except for SEO i need to improve it a little better. I dont know what the options are for that.
Please give me your feedback. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone and @angro

Thanks so much for this free workaround. I’ve just implemented it on a small site and it seems to be running smoothly but I have a questions.

  • How can I translate text on buttons, spans, and text within contact forms?

  • @vincent is there any update on a native localization solution within Webflow?