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[TUTORIAL] Full Multi Language Site - Easy to set-up and to use!


Okay, thank you I get it now.

Is there a specific reason that it’s not possible to use the tags with rich text in combination with the CMS? Is it about the other content types that could be embedded in rich text fields?

I guess for longer text it is more convenient for the editor to have separate fields but the ease of use of the tag-solution would be nice to have.


That’s because Webflow creates a div for rich text block, so in the code it looks like this:


And the code can’t get applied the good way because the content of a rich text block can be anything.


@jgautier You can add the class .english to every plain text element itself and it should work
for Rich Text you need the other script and add the class .english-rich-text to the right text itself.

Look at the Tutorial there is the script :wink: