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[TUTORIAL] Full Multi Language Site - Easy to set-up and to use!

Hi Noah

I have a live site here. I also use it for some CMS on the “Event” Site on the Projects:

Webflow Preview:

I didn’t have any problem so far. Except for SEO i need to improve it a little better. I dont know what the options are for that.
Please give me your feedback. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone and @angro

Thanks so much for this free workaround. I’ve just implemented it on a small site and it seems to be running smoothly but I have a questions.

  • How can I translate text on buttons, spans, and text within contact forms?

  • @vincent is there any update on a native localization solution within Webflow?


Nothing has been said about it for quite some time, I have the feeling it may not have started yet. It’s a hard task and it’s maybe the most transversal feature being planned at the moment, because it covers not only the front end but also the Editors back end and more. Also AFAIK no one has ever achieved it very well. Localisation systems I used always have been cumbersome, time consuming, bug inducing, maintenance hell or very incomplete. Webflow isn’t joking with workflows, user experience, Uis and stuff, so it will take time.

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I have noticed that this tweak doesn’t work on all browsers. For example Chrome on Windows is showing more then one language. It can’t read the ‘var DEAFULT_LANG’ for some reason.

@vincent thanks for the update! Weglot seems be the best solution for Webflow localization… in your opinion is this accurate? Why or why not?

yikes - can you show a screenshot of what happens in the Chrome on Windows? Thanks.

I dont have an example screen right now.
Chome (osx), Egde, Firefox, Opera are all fine.

Good afternoon! Could you please answer my question? I am a junior web developer and I am going to create a website in Chinese. I would like to know how it is possible. I mean, do I need to have any Chinese language skills or any special software for that? I am learning Chinese for work now at Preply. I can speak a little but not sure about writing.

I don’t see how to add ?lang=en on the end of the url. Can someone help me with this?

How did you get your website to translate to different languages?

Hi Gustav,

thanks for this elegant solution. I’ve added it to my site and it worked nicely. The problem arose when i tried to add Finsweet filtering. It works fine by itself but when i add your code it stops working. Unfortunately there are no errors in the console whatsoever so i don’t know where even to start troubleshooting. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not familiar with Finsweets filtering, but as far as I can understand from reading their site nothing jumps out as incompatible. Can you share a read-only link or something so that I can have a look?

Hi Gustav,
i poked around a bit and solved the problem by adding a class to the language switch buttons and changed your code
var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName('*');

to this:
var anchors = document.getElementsByClassName('lang-btn');

And that fixed the Finsweet filtering. It’s working nicely now. Thanks a lot for your code.

I also moved functions definitions into the head section under custom code from footer.