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[TUTORIAL]: How To Add Product Reviews To Your Webflow eCommerce Site


You’re finally there. You started your very own eCommerce store. But visitors coming to your site just don’t know if your products are good. You need reviews. Statistics show that the large majority of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation.

With Monto it just takes 5 minutes to add reviews to your shop.

1. Connect Webflow + Monto

First sign up on Monto. You’ll be redirected to Webflow for authorization. Click the “Authorize Application” button.

Monto will connect to your store, so it can automatically send out emails to customers and ask them for reviews when they order something.

You’ll be redirected back to Monto. Choose your eCommerce site and give it a name. The name will be displayed inside emails and the review submission form.

Click finish. You’ll be redirected to the installation guide.

2. Install the Widgets

2.1 Star Rating

Copy the first code snippet. Go into the Webflow Designer of your eCommerce site. Open your product template e.g. Pages > eCommerce Pages > Products Template.

Add an Embed element and paste the snippet for your star rating widget. I recommend placing it right under the product title or price.

2.2 Reviews

Repeat the same with the second snippet. This time I recommend placing it below your product specification / details.

3. Customization (Optional)

Customize the widget to fit your brand colors.

4. Listen to Reviews

Congratulations! That’s it. Your customers will now receive an email a while after they order from your shop. Submitted reviews will show up on your product pages, helping future visitors get a better sense of your product and increasing your sales.

This is the final result with a bunch of reviews:

If you need any help - you can always contact us. We’d love to help you.