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[TUTORIAL] MixItUp3 - Filtering, Sorting and PAGINATION

I tried to change it like you asked… but still not sorting in the page with CMS-database

Please can you look again so I know what I did wrong.
Also the non-CMS has a problem : for the bleu icons ‘no-glasses’: they show up but disappear again… why? + why yellow ‘back-glasses’ jumps always first to the middle and afterwards to the top… can the yellow/green/… images filter directly to the top or stay at the middle?

this is not at your example: the div-boxes jump directly to the top, why do you have not my problem…

Thanks to help me

@KarelRosseel82 it seems you are forgetting to add the dot in the data-filter value.
18%20PM 49%20PM

For the static content (no CMS) you are applying data-filter to the button and div inside the button. You don’t need that. Plus again, forgot the dot

hi Sabanna,
the CMS version is not yet working even if I changed the dot .no-glasses
and the other and even A-Z and Z-A … how?

Thanks to help

Hey, @KarelRosseel82, I sent you more information in DM

Hi @sabanna

Thanks for some great tutorials!

Is it possible to use pagination together with Multidimensional filtering? Basically so you add pagination to your “Checkbox Multidimensional filtering” example? In your current pagination example it is for example not possible to choose: show T-shirts and Hoody, for Women.

If yes - can you show me how to do it? :slight_smile:

Hope it makes sense!


Hi, @CasperKp!

You can add that pagination to ANY type of filters. Just follow the tutorial for building the multidimensional filtering, then add pagination by following dedicated tutorial.


Hi @sabanna,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have added the pagination to the checkbox multifilter and it almost work like I want it.

I have created two simple examples / pages (with pagination and without pagination). I really want the checkbox filter in the “with pagination” page to work like in the “without pagination” page example but I can’t get it to work.

Do you have a solution? :slight_smile:


Hi again, @CasperKp!

In the code for the paginated filtering you are “calling” for the filtering function twice, with different parameters:

What you actually need is one call with both parameters together:


Hi @sabanna,

It works!

Thank you for the help! :smiley:


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nice solution… I try to also make it [TUTORIAL] MixItUp3 - Filtering, Sorting and PAGINATION

Hey Casper, your idea of filter is cool… please can you share again your preview with me… and give me the code to make the same…

I need it for this project:

Hi @KarelRosseel82… Sorry for the very late reply… Here is the preview if you still need it :slight_smile:

Hi @sabanna,

I hope you can help me again :slight_smile:

The infinite scroll in my project works but the collection list only shows 40 items per page. I want it show infinite items on just one page (I’m aware of the 100 items limit). Do you have a solution? :slight_smile:

Here is my project:

I created a separate topic where I showed a Workaround for Big collections:

Happy Webflowing :heart:

Hi Sabanna, how great there are people like you :guiño:… I followed the mixitup tutorial ( step by step. Everything is perfect. But I would like to have a search engine. Would it be possible to help me with that? Thank you very much in advance.
link of my website:

hi @Enny_Hidalgo, thanks for your post, I would recommend to create a new forum post about the search. Also Webflow has built in Site search

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Cool @cyberdave ! I will do so, thank you very much for the recommendation…

This looks great! How do I make the filter adjustments show up in the URL? I want to be able to link to all farms, for example, in a list that show farms, restaurants, artisans, and distributors.

Hi, @bgschust!

I did not provide the tutorial for that exact setup, however it is possible. Once you download all MixitUp package from the website (free for regular filtering and paid for multifilter) you will get the folder with demos. One of them providing the a script example that can be used for the functionality you are requesting.

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Good to know, I will see if I can handle the scripting. There’s also a Jquery plugin on CodeCanyon called UniFilter by Flgravity that I found after doing some searching. It might be worth a shot.