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Hey @erikgoins

I’m looking to do this too! Any news on this? Thanks!

for recurrent payment you simply need to adjust the mode key/pair of the stripe object:

const mode = "subscription";

let stripeObject = {
  lineItems: [{ price: priceID, quantity: 1 }],
  mode: mode,
  successUrl: `https://www.${domain}/success`,
  cancelUrl: `https://www.${domain}/canceled`,
  billingAddressCollection: billingAddress ? "required" : "auto"

Hi could you please confirm if Stripe Checkout does or does not work on the domain name? Thank you!

@cosmo, I can confirm Stripe does work with subdomains. You simply need to whitelist that domain within your stripe dashboard, on your checkout settings.

Mil gracias! llevaba ya un par de horas dándome cabezazos con esto…

Is it possible to have a Webflow form that directs to a Stripe Checkout form after submission?

I’d like to do this (with a multi-step form) and pass along quantity, price ID, and other meta data.

hi @seanpritzkau, unfortunately no you can’t pass webflow form data into a Stripe Checkout page as Stripe Checkout product are generated server-side from your Stripe Dashboard. You can redirect your Webflow form to a predefine product Stripe Checkout page, only you won’t be able to update any Product properties from your Weflow form.