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Two form submission webhooks

Hello guys,

I have a question about webhooks. I have two different forms on my website and i need them to connect to two different scenarios in Integromat/Zapirer. But I see only one Form submission Webhook.

How can I add specific webhook the specific form in my design?

Thank you very much for your time, I can’t find the answer on forums.

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Hi Simon- did you ever solve this? I’m having the same issue and haven’t been able to figure it out. Thanks!

You can’t. Webflow is not providing a per form webhook setting.

@Max_Frost - This should answer your question.

Workaround : Use a third party form processor that does allow for per form web hooks.

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@webdev @Simon_Jun @Max_Frost you can also just set up a router inside of Integromat… and have some sort of Webhook-Form-ID field or something along those lines that somehow parses out the different webhooks so you can conditionally run actions inside of the same scenario… then just pass the Webhook-Form-ID (let’s call it form1 for example) into Integromat, set up a router that runs a series of steps if the Webhook-Form-ID matches form1… it’s a bit of a brute force solution, but it allows you to still at least use native Webflow forms / hooks with Integromat.

You might want to use a 3rd party forms-as-a-service solution. Something like StaticForms enables you to call multiple webhooks for each submission.

I’m having the same issue - would love to see this become possible without 3rd party workarounds!