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Two logins at the same time


I'd like to log into Webflow on two machines as my wife wants to have a look at Webflow, but when I try the other machine logs out, which I guess is fair enough.

So I've tried to set up a free account, but any attempt to do so gets an error message 'Hrmm.. looks like you already have an account. Try logging in with [my email].'.

We don't need to collaborate so would probably purchase another Pro account this works out - If I can get past this hurdle, that is.

any ideas?


Empty the browser cache. After that you can set up a free account. Had this problem myself in the past and emptying the cache solved it.


Thanks Steven. Loaded up Firefox (as I want to keep my Chrome cache) and hey presto!



Cool. Or use an incognito window.

To avoid trouble when I had to work on two separate accounts at the same time, I was using Chrome Canary which is a kind of developper version.