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Typed js. not working anymore!


I used @SidneyOttelohe typed.js code to install a beautiful looking type effect on my site but it seems to have stopped working. Any advice on how to get this back up and running.


Hey @parkerwest, the author has removed the original cdn I was using in the example, you can use this one instead:

Or straight from github:
as @samliew kindly pointed out here:

edit: appears this example was already using the original file, not sure what's going on here will have to look deeper into it.

Best, Sid


Thank you so much! Back up and running!


I found this example that is working so I copied this source instead.


Yeah turns out the author of the Typed.js library has made a new version of the library that broke this one, you can check out how to set it up with the new instructions on Github.

Glad you got it working :+1: