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Unable to add nested collection with a reference to an entirely different collection

Desired & Attempted Solution depicted in the linked project.

However nested collections are forced to be referencing a multi-field and are not allowed to reference a separate collection with a filter filtering the child items by the parent collection type. Am I missing something?

That is:
Is there another way to layout the cms to have a collection of parent types and nested within each parent type is a collection of children that are filtered based on the parent type without having a multi-field inside the “service type” with all the associated child “services”?

The multi-field ref becomes really messy after a couple dozen services since it’s very hard to make sure all the “services” have an associated parent “service type”.

Here is my public share link: LINK

I’m with you on this. It seems odd that you can’t nest a collection on a ‘Reference’ rather than ‘Multi-reference’ field especially when the prior seems more straightforward relationship.