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Unable to bulk edit drop down choice attributes :(


How to bulk edit the Text Field list? So for my work around is manually adding them or embed code.
I’d like to forgo embedding.


For example, I want to bulk edit all states or cities, etc

<select autocomplete="shipping address-level1" class="lead-form-dropdown-field w-select" data-name="shipping[state]" data-validate="validate(state)" name="shipping[state]" required="required" tabindex="6"><option value="">--Select State--</option>
<option value="AL">Alabama</option>
<option value="AK">Alaska</option>
<option value="AZ">Arizona</option>
<option value="AR">Arkansas</option>
<option value="CA">California</option>
<option value="CO">Colorado</option>
<option value="IL">Illinois</option>
<option value="KY">Kentucky</option>
<option value="LA">Louisiana</option>
<option value="NM">New Mexico</option>
<option value="">--Military--</option>
<option value="AA">Armed Forces Americas</option>
<option value="AE">Armed Forces Europe</option>
<option value="AP">Armed Forces Pacific</option>