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Unable to change clone hover states

Hi All,

I have used a hamburger drop menu that I cloned from @stum. Its wonderful and I was able to change some of the nav styling and such. However I wanted to change the hoover state to white when you hoover over one of the nav links. For some reason and I’m not sure if this is because it might have been built with the older webflow UI, but I am unable to change the hoover states. Below is the link let me know what ya’ll think.


So I ended up fixing the issue. What I had to do was wait a second and reload after the said changes were saved. So all is well now.


Hey @Christopher_Nelson! Welcome to the Community. :partying_face:

Can you share your read-only link? Learn how to here:

whoops! Here it is

I also made the edit in my original post. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Thanks for updating your project with the link!

Have you tried accessing the hover states through the class’s state selector?


I have! What happens when I do that the menu closes in the editor, and the green box will be by the label I have given it. But when I change the text color it all chamges.