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Unable to click links or select text on this page



Taking a look at my public share link, you’ll notice that you’re not able to click on links in the body area nor are you able to select text. What I have noticed is that when “sa-frame-section” display settings is on “Block”, which is what i want it to be, the text or links become un-clickable or un-selectable. However when i set “sa-frame-section” display settings to “none”, the links become clickable and the text becomes selectable.

I want the frame to continue to be there and have the content within the frame clickable or selectable. I’m sure that I am doing something wrong somewhere and I would appreciate if someone could help me fix this issue.

Thank You very much in advance,

Here is my public share link:
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Hi @jakerawlins

Glad you found a fix - another thing to try if it comes up again is the z-index - helps with bringing elements forward/sending backwards…



Hey. Actually the problem came up again :confused:

With the frame, the z-index is currently at 999. I must’ve removed the z-index earlier unintentionally which was why things “magically worked”. But once I set the z-index of the frame to 999, the content itself has once again become unclickable and unselectable.

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