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Unable to copy/paste from Sample UI Kit


Hi all,

I’m trying to save the elements from the sample UI kit into one of my projects, but it is not working.

When I try to copy an element (CMD+C, or Right click and choose “copy”) I get the Mac OS error noise. Then when I try to past into the new project I get an onscreen message saying “the clipboard is empty”.

I’m on a free Webflow account. Could this possibly be the reason? Any suggestions? I’ve been messing with it for an hour unsuccessfully.


Hi @findjerry welcome to the community! :smiley:

You can only copy elements from projects that are already in your account. You can clone that project here:

Hope this helps


Ok. So I’m on a free account and already have two projects. So that must be the problem. I’ll look for information on how to clone a project. Thank you.



Piece of cake :yum:


D’oh, it was right there in front of my eyes. Thanks for opening them. :slight_smile: