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Unable to copy/paste text into text blocks?


I’m trying to copy/paste a few poems, nothing too long, into a text block. Sometimes the copy/pasting works, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not sure what the deal is, but I’ve tried it in multiple browsers. Anyone know what I should do?

Pasting rich-text

Hi @troyANFT

Do you mean from Webflow project to Webflow project? If so, make sure both are open and use the keyboard shortcuts to copy/paste (cmd+c cmd+v or ctrl-c ctrl-v)

If you mean from another source of text - best to make sure you have the text unformatted - so copy and paste from notepad for example.

Or if you mean with Rich-Text - see this post and reply from @vincent for some clarification:


I mean from other websites/text documents to Webflow, sorry I wasn’t specific.
I tried copying from plaintext and that worked. Thanks!


Uhoh. One attempt worked, and after that it is not working.
So I’m pasting the text into Notepad, then ctrl+shift+v into the text block, but it still doesn’t work.

This only occurs if there is already text in the text block.


I guess it’s picking up on some styling that’s already there? Feel free to post a short video (cloudapp seems best) to show specifically the issues you are having…and the good old read-only link :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes there’s a bug presently. For example if I select all the text in a paragraph, then past new one, it just adds the text, not replace it. So I need to clear the text before I can copy new one. So to update a block, I copy the text from the block, edit it in a text editor, then clear the block and paste the result at once.

@brando the paste text bug is filed somewhere right? or do you need us to document it? To reproduce it, select the existing text of a paragraph, then paste new text to replace it. It should just add the text.


Hi @vincent :wave: Yes, the paste bug where pasting text doesn’t replace existing text is filed. It looks like this only happens if you select the text with CMD+A. If you triple click into a text element to select all the text, then paste will replace it as expected — it will also work if you use the mouse to select the text.

I’ll definitely share an update when we have a fix pushed for this though. Thanks for your patience!


I’ve also been noticing this bug for a week or so – good to know about the triple click method. Look forward to a fix…


Ah good to know! I’m a cmd+a guy.