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Unable to embed iframe into webflow site


Hello Everyone,

i am currently facing issue with IFrame, <iframe width="1024" height="768" src="" style="-webkit-transform:scale(0.5);-moz-transform-scale(0.5);"></iframe>
No matter which link i use, the frame is always empty, please let me now the solution for the problem.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)


Hey @OGpmc

If you're in the Webflow Designer you won't see any iFramed content show up, same goes for custom code. Once you publish the site, you will see the iframe on the live site. Please let me know if you have any questions.

If you'd like to add a responsive iframe, I made a little template/how-to here:

Thank you,



Hello Waldo ,

Thank you for your suggestion, well i guess 50 % of the problem is solved but when i use the link in source code ( it says 404 : file not found, is there any way to fix it.



Hey @OGpmc

Try using "" when adding it to the src="" :smile:


Hi, when i use the code suggested by you i this is the output i get

But when i publish it , this is what i am getting ...


Hello Waldo,

I guess there is a new problem, once i add https and try to enter the designer mode, the movement it opens it directly goes to the https link due to this i am not able to edit the site, please have a look at the video and let me know how to solve this problem.



Hey @OGpmc can you please post a Read-Only link so that I can further assist you?

Thank you,



Hi Waldo,

Here you go



Hey @OGpmc can you try opening the Webflow Designer, and hitting the "X" on your browser window to stop the rest of the site from loading before you get redirected to the site you're iframing in?

Then remove the iframe and publish the site again.

I've never seen this behavior before, we'll find a proper solution. For now I recommend linking off to this site which is being iframed.

Thank you,



Hi waldo,

Thanks for the suggestion but i am not able to follow the steps because the site is loading too fast, the movement i enter the designer mode within less then a second it goes the https link, so if i close the "X" on the right top corner, the whole site is closed. so what do i do now.


I'm referring to the x in the address bar (should be on the left where the refresh button typically is in chrome when a page is loading). Then you can edit the site and should be able to publish the changes. If not @bart can you please take a look?

Thank you,



Hey @OGpmc :)

Sorry to hear about your issue :/ Good news are that I have fixed your website and transferred that to you. You should be able to access it via your dashboard (notice the [FIXED] in title :))

Hope that helps!


Hi guys, the problem is fixed , Thank you so much. But now how to i integrate the iframe :confused:


My recommendation for now is to just add a button to open the external site in a new tab or window.
Maybe add a little description under that button that says "Will Open in New Tab" to let users know.

I'm going to test this more tomorrow to see if I can get the iframe to work in a Webflow site.

Thank you,

Waldo :).


Ok sure. i will be looking for update on this.

Thank you


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