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Unable to use query string parameters in 301 redirect


Need the ability to add “?” and “=” to 301 redirects: a lot of URLs contain question marks and equality symbols.

For example, this: won’t redirect, but this: will.

Also, won’t redirect, whereas this will.


So I don't really understand what the bug is in Webflow.... Can you please verify. Thanks! :wink:


The error being that you can’t put in a 301 redirect if the URL contains either a question mark (?) or an equality symbol (=).


Where you able to do this before in Webflow? :wink:


Hey @ConsciousApps currently it's not possible to create 301 redirects with the "?" and "=" characters. My recommendation will be to redirect the following: -> /articles/two-undeniable-arguments-for-lvt

and -> /articles/covering-up-bounty-wheres-a-good-conspiracy-theory-when-you-really-need-one

Please let me know if this helps :smiley:


@Waldo Woudnt this be in the Wish List area? :wink::grinning::blush:


Thank you, @Waldo. The old path has to start with “/” so your suggestion won’t work.

@VLADinSACRAMENTO, it seems like an essential, yet non-existing feature, hence my filing this in the bug section.


Okay, that's fine with me. :wink::grinning::blush:


Hi @ConsciousApps, as @Waldo mentioned, the ability to use query string parameters is not yet supported, but this is already on the wish list here

I hope this helps. I can understand that this would be useful. When there is an update to the wish list item, it will be announced.

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