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UNIQLO Responsive Webflow Concept


This was a personal project (in no way affiliate with Uniqlo) started with sole goal to explore limitations in Webflow and push my skillset further using the application. I saw an opportunity whilst shopping at Uniqlo and realised they had quite a unique and complex navigational system.

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I wanted to recreate this in Webflow but in a more tablet and mobile friendly way. In doing so i was able to push some of the boundaries in terms of layout and interactions. High fidelity protyping is vey much possible in Webflow! Hope this work inspires someone!

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This is lovely! Well done @tim smile

Haven't seen that complex of a nav by anyone else built in webflow yet. smile


Thanks @Waldo_Broodryk for the kind words! Will look to go even further next time smile


Nice responsivity on the slider with a special approach on mobile, the image becoming the semi transparent bg... I like when people rethink things instead of just moving them around.

Your menu on desktop is very nice. Lots of things going on. Inever like the hamburger menus, especially for a 3 levels one. Your example is great to work with. What could replace the dop down menu? I think a bottom fixed bar with men women kids and more ... Each item leading to a fullscreen menu with all primary anbd secondary options... that would be straight forward and maybe more immersive? What do you think?


@vincent Thanks for the feedback! Really helpful! In regards to the burger menu, you know i am very much the same. I have never really been a fan of the burger menu, it seems though the only functional way of displaying linear lists on a mobile screen. It would have been awesome if Webflow gave the option to work from the smallest screen upwards (mobile first) as i could potentially see a number of ways I could recreate the menu for small devices for a more emersive feeling.

It's interesting that half way through working with this concept I had the same idea of a more immersive approach than the dropdowns on the mobile menu. This is something I will definately be looking more into and maybe update in a refresh soon.

Thanks again!


wow! I'm pretty damn impressed with this right now!!!

I'm going to have a dig through the project tonight & learn some of your secrets smile


I'm thinking for the community and for my own benefit (easily forgetful lol) I will create a tutorial on some of the key aspects and more advanced techniques. Watch this space will keep you informed!


dude! That is pro status! GREAT JOB! smiley


that's pretty nice. I like the way you did the drop down.


smiley Thanks very much! That means a lot coming from you! Made my day haha smiley


Ahh Thanks! Took a bit of trial and error but I managed to work something out in the end.


@tim, that my friend is a work of beauty smile You have me inspired smile Congratulations smile


Bloody hell that's class!

Up there with one of the best Webflow sites I've seen. Well done!



@cyberdave and @jamiesamman992 Thank you very much! Much more to come!