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Unique slider layout?

Hi @daniel_cleayweb and @sabanna, not sure if you’re still active on here, but I am looking to make this sort of slider-carousel as well. I might need a more remedial lesson… do you know of any tutorials that help lay out the process from step 1?

For instance I tried step two Make mask overflow: visible, width: 60% and center it (in display settings) and got the following message:

Hi, @Tombo!

You screenshot shows DISPLAY settings. The OVERFLOW settings located in a different section of the Style Tab

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Thanks @sabanna for this awesome walk through! I am having one issue however and was hopeful that you could help me out. When I attempt to follow the steps everything goes fine until I loop the last slide, when I position the last slide to absolute: right it shoots the image all the way to the left and lines it up with slide 2 for some reason. Any ideas?

Any idea, why the “extra images” aren’t aligned?

Here’s my read only

Special thanks to
@sabanna @Waldo

Hi, @Zuni!

It’s all about math/geometry. When you are moving “extra image”, you are positioning it relatively to the slide edge. Since your image is 70% of slide width and centered, which is 15% on each side, you need to move the image not on 101% left or right but 70+15=85%. Then extra images will be in the right position.

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Dear @sabanna, thanks for your fast answer, which totally makes sense :pray: I appreciate the infographic :smile:

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