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Unlimited by Deni Bozo


Hi @Deni_1990

It seems that in the Unlimted templates, all content between Header & Big hero < nothing showing here > and the Footer has dissapeared.

and here is the published templates

It seems to be in ALL pages, no joy ;( Please advise


Hello @LvnLife

First thanks for purchasing Unlimited template and sorry for the late reply, im on vacation. I just checked the template and your shared link and everything looks ok, please send me a video if you have still problems.



Hi @Deni_1990
I ended up reverting back to the original template. But you may want to remember this, as it could happen again to another customer.

Quick Ask, I’m in the process of building out the site, using your DIVs like lego blocks, but it seems that I may have broken or in my copy and pasting I can’t get the…

Header Navigation to be sticky further down the page, I’ve turned on legacy interactions, but not too sure where I would invoke this and on what piece of content [div] , can you guide me as to how to fix this pls.

Hope you had a good Vacay!


Hello @LvnLife

Just curios you are talking about Unlimited template? Because i see some Legacy interaction on screenshots on Unlimited template was used on Interaction 2.0, please can you send me a video so i can understand better if possible?



ARghh, sorry Deni
I’m getting your templates mixed up, I guess I own a few of them lol #satisfiedCustomer

This is the FlatKit CMS

Here’s the challenge I have, where I can’t revert back to the original because content has already been brought in.

  1. Flat Kit, I’m trying to use the big Hero video page, I ended up going with the startup page, BUT I broke the Header / Nav symbol - as we were just creating a landing page and didn’t want any secondary nav links. SO I can’t revert back to the original with this page, instead I’m trying to use the page > as a page to mimic the STICKY HEADER.

  2. Goal = to replicate the home-agency WHERE there is a sticky header, so at some point down the page EFFECT the header with a white background to show up. I just don’t know where I would go to re connect this interaction and on what DIV?

thanks Deni

Does that make sense, I’ve taken screenshots if it helps. Not too sure if it helps, but I’m using the symbol Navigation Style 2