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Upcoming new features and pricing changes


Hi all - I'm sending an email out shortly, but wanted to post here as well to let our community know about some improvements we're making to Webflow hosting, along with a few plans and pricing changes that will take effect on December 19th, 2016.

But before we get into the details, I want to reassure you that if you currently have a paid account with us, there are no changes being made to your current Webflow plan or hosted sites. All existing plans and hosting subscriptions are automatically grandfathered to their current pricing structure, and all new platform improvements are added to your plan at the same (or lower) price.

Plan updates and improvements

  • We’re introducing a new Hobby plan at $16 a month (paid annually) or $24 a month (paid monthly) that offers code export and up to 10 unhosted projects.
  • The Professional and Team plans will have unlimited projects, so you can experiment and prototype as much as you want.
  • White labeling will be included for free in the Professional and Team plans for all sites. This includes adding your own logo for the Editor and Client Billing forms, removing references to Webflow in your source code, white labeling form notification emails, and hiding the Webflow badge on your subdomains.
  • We’re phasing out hosting discounts on paid plans starting on July 1st, 2017 (more details below).

Updates to Webflow hosting

We're excited to announce three new hosting tiers that have clearer limits and several new features:

  • SSL Hosting will be available as an option for all hosted sites - for free! Many browsers will soon require SSL-enabled sites, and Webflow has you covered just in time!
  • Site-wide and per-page password protection will be available for all hosting plans free of charge.
  • Discounted annual billing will become available as an option for each hosting plan, giving you the option to save even more when you pay for a year upfront.

If you're using the Webflow CMS, there are some big improvements on that front as well:

  • Our CMS API is here, and will become available for all CMS hosting subscriptions! With this API, you’ll be able to read and write CMS data programmatically via code or integration services like Zapier.
  • We’re introducing a new Business hosting tier - it includes unlimited form submissions, up to 10 collaborators, and a new super-fast Global CDN hosting option.
  • We’re bundling more collaborators into the new hosting tiers, offering 3 collaborators for free on the new CMS plan and 10 on the new Business hosting plan, which brings down monthly costs significantly for multi-collaborator websites.
  • You’ll no longer need to deal with the 500 CMS item limit — we’re bumping it to 2,000 on the CMS tier and 10,000 on the new Business hosting tier!

Here’s a brief overview of the hosting tiers that we’ll be implementing in December:

If you’re currently on a Personal, Pro, or Team plan, you’ll get a 50% discount on any of these monthly hosting subscriptions purchased before July 1, 2017. This gives you the first six months of 2017 to lock in these new hosting subscriptions at half the price, and keep those prices for the duration of that hosting subscription.

If you’re not currently on a paid plan, you can upgrade before December 19th and still get that 50% discount on the new hosting subscriptions.

If you have any questions, our team is standing by to answer them - and you should always feel free to email to chat with our support team.

Thanks for using Webflow - and happy designing! :slight_smile:

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Password Protected Page/Collection

Stoked for per-page password protection. Guessing that takes effect on Dec 19th too?


@Shapiro Yep! Initially per-page password protection will be limited to static pages, with dynamic page support coming not far behind. All Pro and Team plan accounts (the ones that now have all whitelabeling features bundled in) will also be able to fully customize the password entry pages for a truly custom protected page experience :slight_smile:


For the CMS plan, where is the CDN located or do we get a choice?


What a pleasant surprise! Thanks for all your hard work!


@mattb For the Basic and CMS plans the POPs (or servers that serve your site's content) will mostly be based in the US and Western Europe. The Business plan's Global CDN will increase the footprint to APAC, the Latin Americas, and Oceania.


To be clear, all hosted projects we currently have, and all hosted projects we create until July 1, 2017, will remain at a cost of $5/month (for a non CMS site) and will not change. However, all hosted projects created AFTER July 1, 2017 will fall under the new hosting tier. Am I correct?


Dear Webflow, thank you so much for listening to your community.
Highly appreciated! :smile:


:raised_hands: webflow team, this is amazing guys. Love all the hard work you are doing to bring these amazing features to us. Thank you


If I currently have a $10 CMS hosting plan, will it stay at that or will it go up in December? I have 1 collaborator now on that $10 per month plan.

If I add CMS hosting for other sites now at $10, will they stay at $10 or go up or is this for any new hosting added starting in Dec?

Love the new features, just don't necessarily need them on my lower sites. I also don't remember having visit limits on the current CMS offering. Overall, looks like hosting rates are doubling+ (on monthly rates). First the plans went up, now the hosting - which I understand had to happen eventually :slight_smile: .


Is the free SSL shared or Custom per domain?
Overall this announcement couldn't have come a better time.


What updates will the designer get with this remodeling?


awesome guys! :smiley: <3

Is it possible to get more references? (its 5 today?) :slight_smile:


We may add more references for sites on the Business hosting tier.


I am even more confused now.
I have only 1 website for my portfolio. I have paid $192 per year plus $5 a month for the URL, I think. So basically I pay $21 per month.
With this new plan, am I going to pay more for things I don't need? When I click in the link from the email you sent, It should an upgrade link with a total of $35 per month.
I am basically using Webflow like SquareSpace and if this means an increase rate I am out.
Webflow is great for web designer. But in my case this is not my income, I just use Webflow on a smaller scale.
Anyway, please let me know if I misunderstand something. I would prefer to stay with Webflow.


@brettwill1025 Mostly - all existing hosting subscriptions and any new ones you add before December 19th will stay at the current prices for the life of those subscriptions. However, after the changes take effect, there's a flat 50% discount on all hosting plans that will be available for all new hosting subscriptions, so any hosting sites that are set up after December 19th and before July 1st will be 50% off of the $15 monthly price, so if you set up a new Basic subscription after December 19th it will be $7.50/mo for the life of that site subscription.

@Joe_Hoff Any existing hosting plans (or any plans set up before December 19th) will keep their existing price forever. Your price will stay the same ($10/mo), and you'll get an additional 2 collaborators for free, as well as more CMS items (up to 2,000) should you need them.

@Dammacx It will be free SSL custom per domain :slight_smile:

@Dee We'll be adding some updates to the Page Manager portion of the Designer, as well as some new improvements to the Navigator UI (currently in beta). And we're working a ton of new Designer-centric features that we'll be announcing as they become available.


@rafdesign Sorry that we weren't more clear. If you only need one site, you only need to pay for hosting for that site, and your price should actually be going down (especially with the new annual discount we're making available) - so your $192/year will actually be $144/year if you choose the annual billing option! :tada: Please contact our support team at so that we can get you all set up!


Thank you for the clarification. Do I have a limit on CMS items and page visits on my plan today? So I will keep my price, but be more limited possibly forcing a future upgrade?


Do you consider the "life of a subsciption" to be the one year of pay or is it the auto renewal at that price? The 50% off is great, but if it's only for a one-year subsciption, that's gonna be a nasty jump the next year. Please clarify. Thanks for all your hard work!


So CMS hosted sites that are purchased from December to July (50% off) at the annual rate will be $8/month?