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Update: Ecommerce Zapier additions available now!


Hi all!

Just wanted to give you a heads up that a number of our new Zapier additions for Webflow Ecommerce went live yesterday:

New Triggers:

  • New Order (triggers when new order is placed on your store)
  • Updated Order (triggers when an order is updated – i.e. marked fulfilled, refunded, etc.)

New Actions:

  • Fulfill Order (marks an order as fulfilled)
  • Unfulfill Order (marks an order as unfulfilled)
  • Refund Order (initiates an order refund)
  • Update Order (general order update to add things like shipping information, etc.)

Also, all of the existing Create Item, Create Live Item, Update Item, Update Live Item actions for CMS collections work with Ecommerce collections as well.

Note: We are also planning on adding in some additional Triggers and Actions specifically for inventory management in the near future as well.


@kkilat thats realy good. BUT here we go again. how can i devekop and test without having a live Ecom plan? We realy need this in our development cyckle. Sorry to be nagging on this.