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Updating Live Item Collection with Multi-Reference using Zapier

I have a form on Webflow for adding new items to a multi-reference live collection field.
My field had 4 entries initially and I was able to replace it entirely with the new one, but I want to append it instead.

To exemplify what I want to achieve:

  1. I have a collection called Colors with a multi-reference field with 3 entries [red, blue, green]
  2. My form should sends yellow
  3. Collection should be [red, blue, green, yellow]

I have tried webhooks using Webflow Update Live Item and webhooks… and briefly tried Zapier Code (without understanding much what I was doing). (And I’m still familiarizing myself with Postman)

Can anybody point me the direction?

If anybody is having similar issue, this was my workaround:

Don’t forget to add content-Type: application/json to the Headers, took me hours to figure that part off.

That was a though battle but thanks to Mackenzie Child I got it to work! :blush:


@vanpaio I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to share the solution you found - this solved a problem that I’ve been having. I have to say I followed Mackenzie’s video closely but I did refer to your screenshots as well.

Super helpful, thank you!

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I’m so glad to hear I helped someone :hugs: I got stuck with this for a whole day or two and was about to give up when noticed the right syntax. Thanks for the feedback!

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