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Upload files using form and zapier

Hi am using form to let the customer upload copy of his required documents, to do that i used zapier to connect to my CMS, and it was fine, but the uploaded filed, in my CMS shows only JSON files, I need to see the images uploaded not the json files…

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Are you using the Webflow Business account and their built in file upload within the form, or are you using a third party to upload files from within the form?

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@Nasser_Tabook First of all, Welcome to the Webflow community and congrats on your first post!!

My advice:

I’d go ahead and remove that Zapier integration, upgrade to a Webflow Business Hosting account and use the “File Upload” setting on an input so your client can upload the images directly there.

No reason to do it in a 3rd party round about way, unless maybe you had an extreme amount of user uploaded content to host.

Hi Chris, yes am using the business account and am using the built in upload
And Zapier to link the form data to my SMC

Yes am using the business account

Thank you Scott already I have zapier but I used it to save my data in my CMS

I found the solution. the problem which i was using an image filed in the CMS, where i should use either link field or plain text filed, because zaiper will send a plan text to the CMS not an image