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Upload JPEG2000 or other WebP formats to Webflow?

Hey so I have pretty awesome pagespeeds with Webflow, but Google recommends I use WebP format to increase loading speed. Is this possible with Webflow? I tried uploading a .jpf file to webflow and it didnt appear.

WebP is not supported by Webflow at the moment. :grinning:

Don’t listen to Google, they’re drunk. WepP isn’t even supported by what 17% of the global audience use to navigate. (10%+ is everyone on a Mac with Safari or on an iPhone with the stock browser.)


If WebP seems to be on the corner, Jpeg200 doesn’t seem to be there yet.



According to the same site actually is 80.87% of the global audience that can use Webp images, practically only safari won’t implement webp due to the fact that they want to force all the other browser to use jpeg2000 that is not a “free standard”. It’s a big cross browser mess that could be avoided with the usage of picture tags (picture tags allows different source like videos, allowing each browser to show the image they can read) instead of img tags, and with javascript webp feature detection for background images

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