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Upload JSON file "apple-app-site-association"

My website supports an app download. This app has universal links built-in and depends on a “apple-app-site-association.json” file.
Every time I upload it, I get a message about a lottie thing. I just want to upload this file and host it in the root.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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You can’t upload regular json files to Webflow. I am not currently aware of a workaround.

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Thanks for your answer @webdev
That’s very unfortunate. This file needs to be in the root domain. :frowning_face:
How to solve it,…

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Same issue. This is a dealbreaker for us to be able to migrate.

100% @Emin_Israfil , I now need to find an alternative! It seems sooo simple to allow. I might just downgrade to the free version. Download the HTML and host these on a static site in an S3 bucket.

So I setup a 301 redirect and that seems to actually work.
Hosting the file elsewhere, then use 301 redirect to respond to the domain.ext/apple-app-site-association

Update on this,… the 301 works.
But now I also want to use /.well-known/ folder to host important info.

I add a 301 redirect, but this time it doesn’t work. I get a different 404 than my own site 404.
Also adding a folder .well-known results in a slug without the “.” This really frustrates me.

Why does Webflow limit all these options?? This should be a 2 minute job turning into a multi day ordeal.

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I’m having the same issue as @Naos above. I’ve tried setting up a redirect from
/.well-known/assetlinks.json to … but when I attempt to reach it I get

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <p>Invalid .well-known request</p>

I’ve also tried preceding the leading dot in well-known with a percent sign in case it was some sort of regular expression/escaping problem (e.g. /%.well-known/assetlinks.json), but that doesn’t seem to work, either. Please help! :frowning:

@Naos I haven’t tried this yet, but I just noticed you can alternatively associate your domain with your app in Google Webmaster Tools… perhaps this is a workaround?

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Thanks @mdesjardins! I’ll look at it.

It’s very dissatisfying isn’t it,… you’d think at least a 301 redirect OR a folder in Webflow with a “.” should be able to be realised.

I am not able to verify domain for microsoft identity manager.

Host the file at: https://{YOUR-DOMAIN-HERE}.com/.well-known/microsoft-identity-association.json . Replace the placeholder {YOUR-DOMAIN-HERE} to match the verified domain.

With redirect url I am getting the same issue(‘Invalid .well-known request’) mentioned by @mdesjardins

Please help!

Yes, it’s very frustrating! If you have found a solution, I’d be happy to hear it.