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Uploaded fonts not showing up in the designer

I’m a little new to Webflow, but from what I can gather, to add custom fonts, you upload them and they should show up in the designer so you can select them.

I’ve uploaded a couple different types of the font I need (Helvetica. Really surprising this font isn’t already an option and needs to be uploaded custom) and it’s simply not showing up at all. Am I missing something?

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Hey there Jakub! Welcome to Webflow!

Before we start saying that this is a bug, can you confirm that you followed all the specified steps for uploading a font file and enabling it in Webflow? Use this link as a reference:

HI Jean,

Yes I followed the instructions. I’d love to be able to use custom fonts, but even the Google Fonts aren’t working.

I added Bebas and Barlow as a test - and potential back-up to the custom issue and they’re not showing up.


This issue has been resolved. I just needed to open it in incognito mode and they showed up. After that, they were there in non incognito mode.