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Uploading a video from drop box and using it as a background video



I am trying to upload a video from drop box and use it as my background. I would like this video to play in a loop and have no controls.

I have tried loads of different ways and nothing is working!

I would really appreciate any help - i am new to this so it may be something really simple that i am just overlooking.

I have already tried embedding this code:

from a previous tutorial i read - however, when i paste my drop box url nothing works!


I would really appreciate any help.

Complete custom code for full browser HTML5 video background

The link to the site is:

I was hoping to change one of the background image to the videos in my drop box!

Any help would be really appreciated!



Hi @George_Papadamou, in your video links, change the "www" to "dl" Like this:


Try that and if you have some issues, let us know smile Cheers,


Thank you so much! It now works in editor - which is the closest i've came so far! Any idea why it doesnt work when i publish it though?

Huge thanks smile


Hi @George_Papadamou, thanks, it seems the read-only link to your site needs to be checked: Can you check this and then reshare the link? Cheers,


Ooops thanks for that!

I have decided to make a 'tester' to get this sorted and try different things on without ruining my published site!



@George_Papadamou, that is smart thinking, we always recommend a test site to create something new that one may be learning how to create smile

George, how did you create the ogv version of the video? I am not sure that is a valid file, I am not getting errors in the browser, but also no video, which makes me think there is something in the video encoding.


i used an online mp4 to ogg converter... could this be the problem??


Just tried it and thats sorted the problem!

Thank you so much!



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