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Upselling with webflow ecommerce


Is there any ability with webflow to create upsell offers, either before checkout or post checkout using a one-click upsell functionality?

Also, is webflow ecommerce suitable for productised service offerings. Eg non physical products but not digital products either, basically a packaged service. Thanks


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Trying to figure this one out too!

Weird that there’s very few resources about using webflow for marketing funnels - what does webflow can’t do that clickfunnels can? (minus the speed of implementation in terms of functionality)

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Hey @GrahamCox and @Christopher_Elamri

I am creating a solution for this very thing (

I truly believe Webflow will be the answer for many marketers who want a mix between clickfunnels and Wordpress.

So I see a true future for this functionality!

We’re not launched yet but would love to hear comments on what you would love to see in terms of use case!

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