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[URGENT] E-commerce Bug : add to cart button Ignores selected options and adds default variant to cart

I’m working on a project where when I add a product to cart it simple ignores the options selected and adds to cart the default variant, there are also some errors in the console,
according to this post URGENT - Ecommerce site adding wrong items to cart this bug was fixed sometime ago, looks like it still there.

You can try the behavior here:

I faced the same issue on my website

I click ‘Add to cart’ on one product, but it adds completely another product!
We wan’t to make the website live, but we can’t until we have this issue!
Help, please!

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I tell you why, because WF eComm sucks

In our case the problem was resolved automatically when we deleted the products and added again.

OMG, I don’t want to add all of the products one more time…

Huge problem indeed…
The add to cart on a product page works but the the add to cart button inside a collection list doesn’t work anymore…

Anyone has an idea how to solve this quickly ? Clients are going nuts
@Waldo @PixelGeek @WebDev_Brandon @webdev @rileyrichter @RileyJones ?

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@kaleem @seforins @kaleem Hi everyone! John here. This is a known issue that the Ecommerce team was able to isolate. They are currently pushing out a fix for this and it should be updated shortly.

Once the update is released, you will just need to re-publish the project for the changes to take effect.

Thanks in advance for your patience and help here. I’ll reach out with new information as soon as I have it.

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Hi @kaleem @pepperclip @seforins,

The update is now live! You will just need to re-publish the site for the changes to take affect.

​If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please reach back out, and I would be happy to assist further.

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