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URL always breaks in two lines - this drives me mad!

Hi there,

I have one issue which drives me absolutely mad:
every time I try to insert a link within a rich text element (either in CMS or regular pages) it breaks in a new line…

I can’t simply link a word or so within the text.
Example: the “großen Arbeitgeber” link on

Help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey @leos

That’s because the link is set to display: block; Set the link to display: inline-block;

Piter :webflow_heart:

Thanks, found it now. Wondering why it isnt inline-block by default?

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Well, actually it is :smiley: Perhaps you have set it to block by mistake? Or maybe you took your style for the link from the link block element instead of styling text link?


Where can I change this setting? All of my links in my CMS are set to display: block.

Can you share you read-only so that we may take a look at what’s going on?

Look at the body text, everytime I add a link, it makes a new line instead of just displaying inline.

You have set all your links to be a block instead of their default inline. Here is how you change that back.


Thank you! That solution worked great

@dram I’m stuck on this problem and I’d love to look at the link, but the link is broken.

Any chance you could repost that screenshot?

Just remove any custom styling from your link display setting if you have the same issue.

Sorry to be a newbie, but where are the link display settings?

At the top of the style panel.


I’m having the same issue but the link ( appears to be dead. Any chance you could re-share/upload it? Thanks.

Just remove any custom styling from your link display setting if you have the same issue.

I have the same problem.

My link in embedded in a CMS rich text element. When I click on the setting button of the link in the CMS collection rich text element I am editing, the only option I have is to open the link in a new tab.

You need to edit your link class style not it’s settings.

Where do I find/change inline-block in a Rich Text Block?

UPDATE I found WHERE to change it and did, but it’s not reflowing my in-line links within a Rich Text block. I can’t figure out why.

FOUND ANSWER here: Link adds line breaks