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Use a custom cursor


You need to do 2 things:

  1. change in the code to .section.hero, not .section .hero
  2. use a PNG image of maximum 128 x 128 px


Yes! Did not realize there was a maximum pixel dimension. Thanks!


I can’t seem to make this work either. Does the code go in the HEAD or BODY part of the CUSTOM CODE when you click the setting icon on a page?

Or on the same place on project settings?

Or, do you have to use an embed HTML element ON each page you want it (or in my symbol footer on all pages for instance?)


Okay putting in footer worked however two things. Button elements don’t show the cursor (although my links, and image link boxes do)

And the one for the normal cursor with body is not working. here’s the code I am using

body {
cursor: url(''), default;
a {
cursor: url(''), default;


Turns out it is working, but it doesn’t work on my main page for some reason…only my other pages. Any idea why?



how can a SVG file be used, do you need to define the height and width, if yes, how?
I m using a PNG already, but can t get it to become hidpi, looks to pixelated.

Let me know