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Use of external API and db's


Hi folks.

Im a software developer used to write Windows, Webapp and Web services.
I have been using Webflow for almost 2 years now, and love it. All the time i have been missing an interface to connect to external API’s. I have now spent 2 days doing some research on the topic.

I have actualy found a quite good way of solving the problem. In my test environment i have connected my Webflow site to both external open API’s and some of my own API’s i have built over some years. The Web Services are connected to different db’s.

I have been using Vue.js and Axios http client. It works pretty good. I have not tested all yet, but some things and IT WORKS! There are some issues with Vue.js but i don’t se them to be a big problem. Object that i hooked in to Vue will loose the possibility to do animation, but i don’t se that as a big problem since i don’t want animations on object where im pulling in data.

So far i have been able to use the visual interface for the design of my site, with one exeption so far. The Webflow Form can not be used, here i hade to use HTML embedd.

I dont know how much more time i will spend on this, since i know it works. My problem is that im a good oop programer but im realy bad in JS and it takes to long time for me.

Any comments??