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Useful tool for Webflow user :, to make and maintain your icon fonts


I use for my icon fonts, to use in Webflow, in other sites, in apps. This tool is made by a guy named Vincent le Moign, the author of the well known Minicons icon pack and the Streamline icon pack. His company is Webalys and I use quite a lot of their tools.

Fontastic is great. You can select from a vast bank of free icons, buy some more bigger packs and upload you own fonts. The UI is great.

Another cool resource, has been posted by a mod on this forum this week, is the Chrome extension Colorzilla. Basically it gives you an eyedropper for Webflow (and all other online tools)


I actually using this one in a project right now and I love it. When I'm in a need for another icon i search for one and if I don't find one I make one and upload it. Great tool!


@vincent .. Complete noob question. How do I actually get these to appear in my site? I have put the icon cloud publish code in my but that's about it.


Load the icon font files into your custom fonts


Wow. How did I not know that. DFink you always schooling me. stuck_out_tongue