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Using Blender-made 3D objects in Webflow


Hello! I’m having a hard time finding resources on how to incorporate 3D objects/animations into Webflow websites and interacting with them using interactions/scroll/movement of the mouse. Could anyone help point me in the right direction or perhaps show me how you’ve done it? For example, I’d like to animate a laptop that opens up as it scrolls into view and rotates with mouse movement. I would like to import models/animations from Blender.


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Bump. Surely someone has worked with 3D objects in Webflow by now? @Waldo Maybe you could help?

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Hi, I haven’t seen so many Webflow website making good use of nice 3D embeds and I have that on my todolist for years now :slight_smile:

As far as I know, there are 2 “industry standards” ways to incorporate 3D scenes in a webpage:

  • is a JS library that’s handling 3D. I think it’s used on the header of let it load and scroll up and watch the camera angle filming the truck… Very nice integration.

  • Sketchfab: it’s an acclaimed service that allows you to publish, share and embed your 3D things. Demo right on their header:

There are other services like Sketchfab, one is



Hi Scott,

I’ve not done anything with 3D and the internet in years since Flash and thought of VRML, it’s outdated now (getting old) but there’s this resource via -

Could you render out the laptop animation and then just tween the frames with interactions in Webflow? This was how I used to do similar things to keep file sizes down in Flash.
Best, Sam