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Using with Webflow side-by-side

My buddy built ecommerce and lead gen sites using He showed me some cool stuff it could do, particularly

  • Making a Twitter Clone with user signup, logins, post, follow, like, and comment
  • Native message board where users can signup, login, post
  • E-commerce store where users signup, login, purchase, stripe purchase
  • Blog / CMS user clicks ‘like’ and displays likes by unique users

Are there any tutorials on native webflow+bubble integration? It looks like it has everything I’m looking for doing user signups, login, forums, and user interaction perks.

I want to keep Webflow and WF CMS as front end and use Bubble as backend for things like building a forum.

I’m interested as well about possible integrations

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Sounds like an interesting idea. Any updates?

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The current solution they are employing is making = webflow, main site = bubble, forum links to and vice versa.

And using custom code or iframe page/sections between www. / forum. iterations