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Using Button Navigation ... And I Jacked it Up ... Help


Trying to do something, I wanted to put my navigation in the center with each circle (when clicked) scrolling the user down the page to a different section:

I think I got it looking OK, but there are hyperlinks under each of my text items even though in the style grid I have "no underline" checked. How can I remove the underline?

And part #2, since I'm using a different nav style, how do I get a mobile version that isn't the circles? Do I need to create a separate nav for tablet and below?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @chrisgreer33

seems like the preview link isn't working. can you double check the link?

thanks smile



Hi! smile

To remove the underlines, click on the "Nav circles" element, then turn off the underline.


Genius #PixelGeek.

How do I handle navigation on the tablet and below pages?


Try setting the background color of those circles to "transparent" smile

hope this helps

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