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Using display: table with webflow



I realise webflow does not currently have a GUI for using display: table, but assumed I should be able to achieve this pen with a mix of webflow's custom code page + GUI.

However when viewing my webflow conversion effort here:

the browser, Chromium, momentarily renders a big white space below the row and after about 1-2 secs renders correctly. Firefox 43 is not producing the expected results either.

Should all be useable:

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong in Webflow ?

Image to occupy 100% remaining viewport height or 100% column width depending on portrait or landscape orientation respectively in a single class

strange. it renders differently in chrome than in chrome incognito


@Revolution It also renders very poorly in FF 43.

There is obviously something wrong with the way it has been creted in Webflow, but I can't figure out what.


@bart any ideas on why this custom code isn't rendering properly?


Adding height: 100%; to .myrow solved the issue for Firefox for me. The parent element of the cells (row) didn't have a height specified.


Thank you @bart, I have made that change now.

For some reason I didn't need to set height: 100% to .myrow in the codepen.

I wonder why there is that different behviour ?

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